Trends and Data Worth a Look: Assisted Living and Nursing Homes in Florida

by Keith Basik on January 14, 2012

Being a business broker and commercial investment specialist in Florida, I tend to work on the buying and selling of the spectrum of healthcare facilities for seniors, such as independent, assisted living, memory care, and nursing facilities–some functioning as individual facilities and others as a combination of facilities, such as a CCRC or Continuing Care Retirement Center.

Business Broker's Review of ALF, IL, and SNF Trends and Statistics These facilities are fairly popular in today’s market with individual investors, as well as larger investor groups in the form of  REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) or other such entities.  In fact, it is a seller’s market to some extent, since good facilities are hard to fine, particularly in Florida. More to follow in a future blog.

This blog will be one of a series highlighting various statistics and trends relating to this particular market, both from a national standpoint, as well as from State of Florida standpoint.  Below are some interest facts related to this industry:

Senior: General Information

  • Senior Population (65-84 Years): Anticipated to increase by nearly 40% between 2010 and 2020.
  • Senior Breakdown: 31% Male; 69% Female.

Assisted Living Facility Information

  • Assisted Living Facilities (Growth): 4.2%
  • Assisted Living Facilities (Facilities – Nationally): Nearly 3,000 Facilities.
  • Assisted Living Facilities (Revenue – Nationally): 36.8 Billion.
  • Assisted Living Facilities (Population): Approximately 1 Million.

Nursing Homes Information

National Statistics/Trends

  • Nursing Facilities (Certified): 15,600
  • Nursing Facilities (Certified Beds): 1,665,459.
  • Nursing Facilities (Patients In Bed): 1,384,357.
  • Nursing Facilities (Median Occupancy Rates): 2009 (87.5%), 2010 (87.1%); 2011 (86.7%).
  • Nursing Facilities (ADL Dependency): 2001 (3.80); 2011 (4.05).
  • Nursing Facilities (Ownership): For Profit: 30%; Not For Profit: 70%;
  • Other Forms of Ownership: Chained: 55%; Non-Chained: 45%
  • Hospital Owned in Florida: 1%
  • CCRC Owned in Florida: 10%

State Statistics/Trends

  • Florida: Average Total Beds: 121 Beds.
  • Florida: Medicare Beds Only: 44%.
  • Florida: Medicaid Beds Only: 6%
  • Florida: Alzheimer Beds In Facility: 15%.
  • Florida: Special Rehab: 1%.
  • Florida: Occupancy: 87%.
  • Florida Medicare: 22%.
  • Florida: Private Pay: 23%.
  • Florida: Medicaid: 55%.

Although, in some cases, there are downward trends, the majority of statistics point to a solid industry with an exceptional future ahead.


Keith Basik is a commercial real estate specialist and business broker in Florida, who specializes in healthcare related properties and businesses: pharmacies, medical offices/businesses, and assisted living/nursing facilities. 



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Louis J Levy June 9, 2012 at 12:12 pm

I love these statistics stated by you especially for assisted living facilities(ALF) I am planning to start up an ALF in Florida in the next years. i haven’t put my website together yet.


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