Buying and Selling Independent Pharmacies: A Slightly Different World.

January 29, 2012

Who would have guess it?  In many areas of real estate and business brokering, it can be difficult to find buyers.  If you do have buyers, they may have a tendency to low ball the asking price in an attempt to take advantage of the current economic struggles many sellers find themselves up against. It […]

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Business Owner’s Dilemma: To Build or Not to Build?

January 26, 2012

To build or not to build…that is the question? Perhaps I have Shakespeare on my mind.  It obviously a play off of the immortal words of the Prince of Denmark in Hamlet: To be or not to be.  This is now the second phrase I used by Shakespeare in a blog and I am wondering […]

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Business Buyers and Sellers – What is SDE or SDCF?

January 23, 2012

When buying or selling a business, the respective party needs to ask the question: What is SDE or  SDCF?  Actually they are terms that mean the same thing. SDE or Seller’s Discretionary Earnings and SCDF or Seller’s Discretionary Cash Flow is a common based measure of business earnings for owner-operator managed businesses. In short, you […]

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Rules of Thumb: Business Evaluation

January 21, 2012

Business brokers, sellers, buyers, and others look for ways to quickly evaluate a business.  Whether or not it is their own business, one they want to buy, or one they wish to represent, there is a desire to quickly understand the baseline sales price or valuation of that particular business. And thus, rules of thumb […]

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Florida Legislation Updates: Healthcare Business & Industry

January 15, 2012

Updates of the Week (1/15/2012): Below are updates that pertain to the healthcare industry coming out of the Florida Legislature: Wednesday, January 18 MEDICAID: The Jessie Ball duPont Fund and the Winter Park Health Foundation will be releasing a report dealing with proposed changes to long-term care that is provided under Medicaid, the state and […]

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Trends and Data Worth a Look: Assisted Living and Nursing Homes in Florida

January 14, 2012

Being a business broker and commercial investment specialist in Florida, I tend to work on the buying and selling of the spectrum of healthcare facilities for seniors, such as independent, assisted living, memory care, and nursing facilities–some functioning as individual facilities and others as a combination of facilities, such as a CCRC or Continuing Care […]

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Why Use a Business Broker in Buying or Selling A Business?

January 13, 2012

Why use a business broker in buying or selling a business?  First, before answering this question, it may to prudent to understand exactly what a business broker is? Seeing that many do not know the answer to it, it is a relatively good questions. A business broker is a fully trained intermediary assisting business owners […]

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The Bottom Line of Business

January 11, 2012

When someone uses the term “bottom line” outside of business, it usually means something like: cut to the chase, cut the BS, I’m tired so just give me the final answer, etc. In business, where the term was derived from, it refers to the “bottom line” of the Income Statement–one of the key lines that […]

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A Business In-Waiting Must Be A Dog?

January 7, 2012

Some businesses for sale get a bad rap. They are not only considered dogs, but also dogs with a considerable amount of fleas. These are businesses for sale that have been on listing sites for a long time. As such, many buyers simply disregard them, since obviously others have done so as well. If it […]

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Stock Sale vs. Asset Purchase – Buyers and Sellers of Business and Their Differing Views

January 5, 2012

Stock Sale vs. Asset Purchase…A Good Fight! Buyers and sellers of businesses go into the transaction ring with differing views and objectives in mind. It is not as though they want to dismantle the person on the other side of the table/ring or not want to achieve a win-win scenario. It really is just a […]

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