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West Point Business Brokers was established by West Point graduates to serve the needs of buyers and sellers of businesses. The goal was to combine their military background, in terms of ethics, reliability, perseverance and attention to detail, with their experience and leadership in the private sector.  They bring to the table a strong background in financing, real estate development, brokering and negotiating, acquisitions, and a variety of different industries (retail, healthcare, restaurant, industrial, etc.).

In addition to working with other business brokers and intermediaries in Florida, as well as throughout the United State, West Point Business Brokers also works with other military graduates in related fields (real estate, mergers/acquisition, equity financing, and others) to continue to strengthen its core network of strong partnerships.

Besides working with individuals and groups that have been in the private sector for years, West Point Business Brokers welcomes the opportunity to work former military personnel looking for assistance in their desire to buy or sell a business.


Summary:  Keith Basik Keith Basik Florida Business Broker

Real Estate Developer/Businessman: Oversight of finance, management, operations, sales, and marketing activities. Business Broker/Mergers and Acquisitions.

A graduate of 1987, Keith Basik served in Desert Storm in Iraq as an executive office for a mechanized (Bradley) infantry company.  Upon leaving the military, he formed American Funding and Service Corporation, a mortgage-brokerage company, in Naples, Florida.  As President, Keith oversaw all loan processing, origination and marketing for company conducting business with wholesales operations nationwide. He then served as the CEO for Basik Development and Land Holding Company,which conducted real estate development operations in Southwest Florida and operated numerous business entities, ranging from restaurants to wineries to storage facilities. He has extensive experience in all aspects of real estate, operations, financing, and marketing. He is also a Commercial Investment Specialist with Remax Commercial Group.

United States Army

 Active Duty: 19871992 (5 years); Reserves:  Retired – 20 Years

Airborne Ranger, Platoon Leader, Assistant Operation Officer, Executive Officer, Gulf War Veteran. Commander – Selective Service System.

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